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Schools, families and children alike love the supervised toothbrushing scheme.

Schools who have taken part in the supervised toothbrushing scheme have said some wonderful things about their experience and how the children have benefitted. We wanted to share a few of their comments with you here.

What has worked really well?

Training was delivered in a friendly and informative style. We feel very supported in this programme. We feel the programme is extremely beneficial to our children's health.
The children have been engaged and interested in the importance of keeping teeth clean & healthy.
The children have really enjoyed this pilot, the matching brush to unit has made it very easy to use, and the suggestion of the brush bus song has given an added boogie to our daily brushing.
Children look forward to brushing their teeth after lunch, it is now embedded into their daily routine.
How seamless the routine is. This has become an ingrained part to our day. The equipment being provided has made this possible and the training and audits have been really useful.

How do the children benefit?

From enjoying regular tooth brushing. Keeping their teeth healthy a practice put in place for life.
They are interested and knowledgeable about the importance of keeping teeth clean & healthy.
Oral health is an everyday part of the curriculum. We are able to model toothbrushing and talk about its importance daily. They brush their teeth at least once a day (for some of our children this may be the only time).
The children are keener to clean their teeth at home and it has started conversations with the children about being healthy etc.
Not all children like brushing their teeth at home! However, because we do tooth brushing altogether after lunch it encourages everyone to brush their teeth.

How has the brushing routine fitted into the day?

Really well. It has become part of the end of day routine.
It is easy to fit into the day, straight after the lunch break and the children quickly get into the routine of coming in from lunch and settling down in their groups to brush their teeth.
We do this in the afternoon or morning. It takes us approximately 5-10 minutes now.
After dinner time seamlessly and after snack time in the afternoon for those only attending the afternoon session and optional for children who were there in the morning also.

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