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Fun Brushing Videos

Children find videos really motivating and fun - why not put one on at brushing time?!

We should brush our teeth for two minutes each time that we brush. These fun videos are a great way to motivate children to brush for the full time and enjoy it too!

Each video should be fun, many teach good brushing techniques and all are timed for two minutes to ensure that those teeth get the great clean that they need. Children find these fun and motivating – why not try playing one at brush time?

Brush Brush Brush with Bob the Badger

Brush along with Peppa Pig!

Brush to the beat with Mickey Mouse!

Brush with Elmo from Sesame Street!

Brush along with Hey Duggie!

Brush with Noodle and Pals!

Brush the bubles away to see Encanto!

Brush the bubbles away to see Paw Patrol in action!

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